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Viable Paradise XIII

Did I get what I expected from Viable Paradise? Yes and no....

I expected:
- lectures about writing
- writing exercises
- critiques of my story - the good and the bad
- to connect more to some people and less to others
- get a real actual professional opinions on my writing

I got:
- all of the above
- a sense of being welcome
- they want us to be good writers! they root for us!
- inclusion
- some actual real professionals were fans of my buffy fic
- some were knitters
- no sleep
- glow-in-the-dark jellyfish

And most of all, writers really like to talk about writing. Really, really, like all the time. I forgot to ask people what they did for a living, and about their personal circumstances, all the time! Because we were either talking about writing or shooting bull.

I'm a VP thirteener and proud of it!

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